Jan Vikas

Jan Vikas project

Location: Ahmedabad and Anand in Gujarat

The city of Ahmedabad and the areas around it are often considered to be one of the most polluted cities in India. The quality of air, cleanliness, water pollution and solid waste management are major challenges, particularly the slum areas near the industrial sectors. Failure of environmental systems management and disposal of solid waste, lack of monitoring and enforcement of rules and regulations, vehicular and industrial pollution are often referred to as the causes for this acute state of affairs. Children living in this city are therefore at a high risk of ill health and disease.

HCNF works with this project to identify and support a team of young changemakers across 30 colleges who have come forward to generate awareness and help make the environment cleaner. This team works as two levels – to help build broader awareness on the issue and the smaller everyday things that can be done to create a healthier environment.