Khelghar at Laxminagar

The objective of the project is to provide Marathi language education as most of the students are Lamani, Vadari, and Kannada. These children have mother tongue different from Marathi. As they are not able to read and write in Marathi.
Project supported by HCNF.

This #JoyofGiving week let’s nurture the culture of giving.

OCTOBER is the month of GIVING and our initiative “Stay and Enjoy the School” aims to ensure “Every child is in school and learning” Help For Children in Need Foundation has been helping children from difficult circumstances to continue in school and restart their lives positively, with hope.

Youths involved in various creative activities

Youths involved in various creative activities like Digital Literacy, Music Class Martial, Arts Dance, Class Street, Play Activities, Chai pe Charcha, Life Skill Education at Remedial Education Centre Tadiwala Road, Pune Project Supported by HCNF.

Delhi Run Event held on 5th June 2022

Youth for Ecological youth network (Delhi) organized Delhi Run with support from Hellmann Worldwide Logistics ,Child Welfare Commitee, Association for Development and Help for Children in need Foundation to observe World Environment Day.Around 400 children and youth participated in said program.

All Children in School: All Schools Happy Learning Centers

Help for Children in Need Foundation aims to help -out of school children who comes from challenging & difficult background by providing them continued & regular education. Your support can beautifully transform lives of children who avail all the rights to health, education, and a bright future.

Access to safe drinking water in Sudhagad block in Raigad District

TATA CAPITAL HOUSING FINANCE LIMITED team visit in Parli,Gavand high school in sudhagad along with HCNF and URMEE team inspecting water filters and hand wash stations built post completion of the project “Access to safe drinking water in Sudhagad block in Raigad District with focus on building resilience in schools post COVID-19”

Sudhagad Block of Raigad Dist.

These pictures were taken while interns were interviewing Students, Teachers, Committee Members, Parents for the questionnaire prepared for them for the project “Access to safe and clean drinking water in Sudhagad and Raigad districts”.Inters are measuring the Height, Weight of the students for further survey for calculating BMI(Body Mass Index) before the installation of filters and hand wash station.