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The Cyclone Amphan hit West Bengal on 20th May and has left havoc and destruction in its wake. Lives have been torn apart, houses, supplies and food storages blown away and crops destroyed. The South 24 Parganas and the Sunderbans areas have been affected the most. In the recent times these areas had seen heavy effected of reverse migration due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. Many migrant labourers have made their way back with their children and their families to their homes in these parts hoping for survival. However, with the large scale destruction of crops – those hopes have been dashed to the ground. Saline water has also infiltrated the paddy fields and that means crops cannot be planted either in the near future. Families and their children are in despair and need your immediate help.

Help for Children in Need Foundation has already started work in these areas to reach out to affected families and provide urgent and immediate help. Food is of course a primary requirement as are materials to repair and rebuild.

We’d be grateful for any help you can provide.

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I have been supporting Help for Children in Need Foundation (HCNF) and I am fully confident that improving the quality of lives of vulnerable children would always be at the centre of their work. I am always sure that my contribution would be carefully monitored and utilised properly. I will continue to support their work, particularly now in the times of Covid-19, since HCNF has risen to the difficult challenges faced by many poor children and their families during this pandemic.

Dr. John Kurrien

We always look forward to associating with HCNF. They’ve ensured that the support reaches needy and vulnerable communities as promptly as possible.  The association with them is indeed valuable.

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