HCNF starts work in Chennai

Tamil Nadu is one of the states with the highest number of COVID cases and therefore requires urgent attention. Through continued support from our donors, HCNF has not started work in Chennai as well to ensure food and hygiene kits for families and especially children who need help.

We’ve so far distributed 400 food and hygiene kits and each kit includes the following:

Food and Hygiene kit
Rice 1Kg packing X 5 nos
Wheat Flour 1Kg X 3 nos
 Sunflower oil 1ltr
Sugar 1Kg
Toor Dhall 1kg
Salt 1kg
Tea powder 250gms
Soap 75gms X 3 nos
100gms each X 3 spices
(Mustard, Cumin seeds,
Fenugreek seeds)
Washing powder 500gms
Health Mix 200gms
Dalia 1/2k

The focus has been on families with children and women.