With the extension of the lockdown – the situation for children is worse than ever

The initial 21 day lockdown in India has now been extended to 40 days and while most of us understand the need for this – it cannot be denied that it has made life even harder for a section of our population.

Migrant populations, daily wage earners and the homeless are stuck in large cities with no access to work and basic food. They are desperate to go back to their villages but with this countrywide lockdown – that is not an option at all. Some of them have been moved into shelter homes – but the
situation continues to be grave. Authorities have started distribution of food materials but there are so many families who are yet to receive any support.

Help for Children in Need Foundation has been working with on ground partners and a network of charities – to distribute over 1500 food material kits across Pune.

However these kits were enough to last a family through only 10 days and with the extension of the lockdown – there is a renewed, urgent need for help.

Our work and our fundraising efforts have been doubled just to make sure we can reach out to as many people and ensure families and children do not go to bed hungry.

We know that people cannot step out of their homes right now but we also want to make sure their
help reaches the ones who need it the most.