Support has begun. Need is surging. Your help now is essential.

The past few days have been deeply worrying and painful for many thousands of people in the country. Shortage of ventilators, oxygen, hospital beds and medicines have resulted in pushing up the number of dead per day beyond 3000. The daily infections have remained much over 300,000 per day for about 6 days. Life is disrupted in many places, cities and in some rural pockets.

Daily wage earners and migrants have also been gasping for livelihood, food, medicines and cash in hand. Many are still stranded at different locations on the way in trains, buses or trucks. This is indeed an unprecedented scenario and help is needed urgently.

With the donations received from some of you HCNF and its partners like CYDA have supported 750 stranded migrants and some of the other families which are affected. The need is immense in terms of food and medical support, cash in hand, masks, hygiene materials and other basic necessities. Accelerating the vaccine process is very important. Support is needed even for this through volunteers, awareness and assistance in procedures. There are many requests from Pune, Delhi, Ahmedabad and HCNF needs your generous support to extend a helping hand to the many who are in dire need. We are sure that you will travel along with us and support those who need it the most with your donations.