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Make a contribution today and you can ensure children and their families do not go to bed hungry.

Your support can save children’s lives

The COVID-19 pandemic has gripped the world and as India struggles to deal with the situation, the worse affected are children and families of daily wage labourers. With no incomes, no assurance of what the future looks like –they do not even have basic food.

Your timely help can provide basic food material for them and ensure they make it through these times.

About Help for Children in Need Foundation (HCNF):
Help for Children in Need Foundation (HCNF) is a 4-year-old charity which works towards protecting underprivileged children and empowering them to lead a better life. Through the years the charity has reached out to over 17,000 children and changed their lives for the better.

In the recent times the charity has been actively working to distribute over 7,600 food kits and impact 5,300 children in need.

You can make a difference to their lives.

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All donations you make to HCNF will be eligible for a 50% tax exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

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Donor Testimonials

I have been supporting Help for Children in Need Foundation (HCNF) and I am fully confident that improving the quality of lives of vulnerable children would always be at the centre of their work. I am always sure that my contribution would be carefully monitored and utilised properly. I will continue to support their work, particularly now in the times of Covid-19, since HCNF has risen to the difficult challenges faced by many poor children and their families during this pandemic.

Dr. John Kurrien

We always look forward to associating with HCNF. They’ve ensured that the support reaches needy and vulnerable communities as promptly as possible.  The association with them is indeed valuable.

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