Helping children and their families survive the lockdown

India is going through a complete lockdown for 21 days and while we are safe at home adjusting to this new way of life – many homeless and migrant people and their children across our country are struggling for survival.

Our country has a huge population of migrant labourers who come into the bigger cities, with their entire families to find work. Most of these families are dependent on daily wage labour to make ends meet and now with this complete lockdown –they have no access to any income and are in
complete despair. Children are obviously the most vulnerable in a situation where parents are not even able to afford basic food.

Many of them are all being pushed out of their homes because their parents cannot afford to pay the rents anymore. The government is providing certain benefits but given that most of these families have no documentation with them – they might not even be eligible for these.

Help for Children in Need Foundation is working through on ground partners to distribute survival kits to the neediest communities. These kits include basic cooking supplies like rice, dal, atta, pulses, sugar and cooking oil. It also includes a hygiene kit with washing powder, soap, toothpaste etc. The supplies are adequate to see a family through for a month and ensure they are not fighting for survival.

The distribution work is already underway – even as more requests pour in.