HCNF wishes all of you a safe, healthy and sharing Diwali.

Dear Everyone,

HCNF wishes all of you a safe, healthy and sharing Diwali.

We hope you have been receiving our earlier updates informing you of the support being rendered to children and their families starting from food assistance and moving on to educational support. We continue our efforts.

As you must have been noticing while the pandemic has slowed down in most places in the country it is still spreading fast in Delhi and Kerala. There are other states too where the active number of cases are high. The total numbers of infections have gone beyond 84 lakhs with a death toll of 125,000 or so.

The economy has started limping back after the gradual unlock process yet there are millions of people who still have not got their jobs back and cannot afford to support their children and families. Many children are struggling with online examinations while many cannot attend these for lack of connectivity / skills or resources.

The pandemic has returned to Europe and even to other countries like Korea with a vengeance and the second spike is expected to be more aggressive.

As we are getting ready for Diwali we need to stay safe and protect ourselves and those around us. HCNF is currently working with partners in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Pune, Chennai and Parbhani supporting needy children and families with food, hygiene / education kits for 3500 families.

We need to do much more of it. We count on your support.

Begin your Diwali celebration by brightening the future of a child.