COVID relief work

While India struggles to cope with the extended lockdown,
YOU can help those who cannot help themselves.

With contributions from supporters just like you, Help for Children in Need Foundation has been able to reach out to over 15,000 children and provide food materials to see them through the effects of COVID 19 pandemic, the lockdown and the slowing down of all economic activities.(Read our latest work report here).
But the situation still continues to be grave.

YOU can help them survive this crisis.

Distribution of food material continues in Pune

Food material kits being distributed maintaining social distancing

Food being delivered home for vulnerable families in Delhi

Working with the authorities to ensure efficient distribution

Impact on children in Chennai

Reaching out to families in need

The COVID 19 pandemic and the consequent lockdown have had a devastating impact on the lives of children and will continue to do so for many months, if not years, to come. The story of the 12 year old girl Jamlo Makdam who died walking home to Chhattisgarh from Telangana. Many children have been affected in various ways.

The rise of unemployment, underemployment, loss of wages, loss of farm incomes and increasing poverty will escalate child labour, child trafficking and violence against children. This is already visible on the streets. There are more children trying to sell something or other or asking for money now. Children’s food and nutrition are the other causalities.

The current phase of the lockdown comes with easing out in certain sectors but migrant populations, daily wage earners and the homeless still don’t know how they will survive the future. Some of them have managed to get back to their homes in the villages while others are still stuck in large cities hoping employment opportunities will open up soon. Insecurity over food and future livelihood options continue to exist and many of them do not know how they will survive the present and the future times.

Help for Children in Need Foundation has been working to distribute food, hygiene and other relief materials at various locations across the country. Nearly 5000 kits have been distributed in Pune, 1200 in Delhi and 400 kits in Chennai. Over 36,000 people, including children have benefited from these efforts. Given the nutritional needs of children – volunteers have tried to include milk and bread in the distribution wherever possible.

With the support of our corporate partner Freudenberg – we are also in the process of distributing 1200 kits further to families in Delhi, Ahmedabad and Pune.

The crisis is however far from over and as we focus on ensuring these children and families remain safe and can survive the lockdown – we are also planning for the future. But big challenges lie ahead and we need all the support we can get.

YOUR help will make all the difference.