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educational support to children

Location: Trilokpuri area in Delhi

This area is characterized by congested slums and acute poverty. The communities living here are mainly Muslims and Dalits and most of them work as daily wage labourers. In most households – both parents work to make ends meet and therefore children are often left to their own means through the day. Unsupervised – many of them are vulnerable to abuse, addictions or even trafficking. The concept of education is very rare with many children dropping out of school to supplement their meager family incomes as child labour. Proper health and hygiene facilities are lacking and most people are not even aware of what is rightfully due to them.

HCNF works in this area through activity centers which have been created not only to provide educational support to children but also as a safe space for children. The project staff uses these centers to engage with the children, conduct awareness sessions with the parents and also to provide additional educational support and motivation that would keep children from dropping out of school.